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What is appropriate paddy cleaner at reasonable price?

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Agriculture is the largest single industry in the world, and seed production is an important segment of this industry. Seed, as it comes from the field, contains various contaminants like weed seeds, other crop seeds, and such inert material as stems, leaves, broken seed, and dirt. Therefore, cleaning of paddy is required. Additionally, non-availability of appropriate paddy cleaner at reasonable price is one of the major constraints for initiating small/medium scale manufacture of paddy cleaning machine. Therefore, this working is undertaken to develop an efficient low cost paddy cleaner in view of improving the quality paddy cleaning using conventional methods. 

Many seed shapes cannot be neatly classified as round, elongated, or lens like. For example, timothy is shaped like a football, etching like a cube, and dock or sorrel like a pyramid. Corn occurs in many irregular shapes, and Sudan grass falls in an intermediate classification between round and elongated. Consequently, when screen types are selected for specific seeds, the choice depends largely upon what must be removed from that mixture. When Sudan grass is cleaned in a multiple screen unit, the top screens usually will be a round-hole and an oblong, and the bottom screens also a round-hole and an oblong.

To overcome the complexity in the equipment used in the industries, the work involved reconsideration of the design. The paddy cleaner fabricated for this work includes the following calculations.

rubber roller husker could reduce breakage percentage of hashemi variety up to 2.58% (rice weight base) and %5.4 (paddy weight base).yield result showed that the type of huller machine and amount of hulling had significant effect on milling yield. The milling yield of Hashemi variety were %66.3 and % 63.07 in rubber roll huller and Engel Berge huller, respectively. Whitening result showed that the type of huller machine and hulling percentage had significant effect on degree of rice whitening. Degree of rice whitening with Engel Berge huller was more the rubber roll huller.

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